Testing basic ARIA support for images

In the following tests the image filename is "banana.png" so if you hear "banana" as the alternative text this means that the assistive technology is using the filename because it isn't finding any other text to use. You should regard this as not passing the specific test.

Test 1: Basic image with aria-labelledby

The image below uses aria-labelledby and should indicate that "Van Gogh's oilpainting of sunflowers" is the value.

Van Gogh's oil painting of sunflowers hangs in Amsterdam's Van Gogh museum.

Test 2: Providing a short description for a complex graphic

The value should be "4 of 5".

4 of 5

Test 3: Basic image with aria-label

The image below uses aria-label="Sunflowers".

Test 4: Image with aria-labelledby derived from multiple sources

The value should be expressed as "The school of athens by Raphael".

The School of Athens

This famous painting by Raphael is the artist’s most famous work.